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Investing in stocks just means buying tiny shares of ownership in a public company. Those small shares are known as the company’s stock, and by investing in it, you’re hoping the company grows and performs well over time.



Cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin are digital currencies not backed by real assets or tangible securities. They are traded between consenting parties with no broker and tracked on digital ledgers.


Do you experience any of these obstacles within your company?


Struggling to hit aggressive sales goals?

Struggling to capture clients.

Struggling with customer retention?

Struggling to create loyal clients?

Struggling to get referrals from your past clients?

Struggling with your unmotivated sales team, and you don’t have an incentive plan?

A startup and need to launch a product or service, and are unsure how to implement it?

An existing business and struggling to pay the bills or increase revenue?

Feeling stuck and don’t know how to grow your business?

Having problems with customer service and don’t have a clue how to fix it?

A CEO / Manager wondering if you have the right plan to create growth in your business?

Too stressed out to think straight, and you have no game plan?

Not knowledgable with today’s marketing methods and uncertain where to start?

Struggling to keep the business running?

Our solutions are to…

Help you launch, monitor, and refine your products and services.

Help you to create consistent sales and a predictable lead generation system.

Help you to maximize revenue with customized solutions that ensure growth.

Create a customer-centric and employee culture for your company so you can grow and thrive.

Boost your average order value and your profits through increase sales.

Improve customer lifetime value.

Create recurring revenue for your business.

Bring fresh ideas and strategies to spark your sales team’s growth.


Meet Mr.Dan Nguyen


Dan is a business consultant, business owner, investor, and an enthusiastic learner. He has 22+ years of experience in Sales, E-commerce, Marketing, and he has run multiple companies in California, USA, and Vietnam from the ground up. People have called him many names before; however, the most memorable phrase was from his mother-in-law. She said, “Dan can sell a broomstick to a broom seller, and he can help you do the same.”

Who should work with me?

Companies that understand their success depends on improving their business strategies continuously!

Companies that are struggling to survive!

Companies that want to increase sales and don’t know how to do it.

Companies that don’t know where they will be in 5-10 years in their industry.


Where do I begin?


Share with us your sales struggles, needs, and goals.


I will give advice based on your business needs.


After our first meeting, we will create a business strategy to generate 3X in sales growth.

Current Projects :

3 Steps Success System:

1. Capture your target clients

2. Retain your target clients

3. Referrals from your target clients

We treat every customer as a client because we understand the lifetime value of a relationship.

22+ Years of Experience

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Guarantee Success


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Successes don’t just happen. You create them!


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